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    food court

    food court

    Please all your cravings by entering the unique food court with bodegas (or stations) for everybody. With dishes created at that moment with the freshest ingredients, IL Nuovo Mercato’s quality makes it an exceptional place to ask for your favorite dishes, sharing with your loved ones and discovering new flavors and sensations. Creating a fusion between the italian and caribbean kitchen, visit our Bodegas (Fish, Pizza, Pasta, Veg & Veg, Meat and Juice Bar) and make your selection of the day guided by your senses and passions. 

    Try the catch of the day in the Fish Bodega, where we have exquisite dishes and unique creations for the whole family. Get to know our italian kitchen in the Pizza and Pasta Bodegas, where we have traditional italian recipes and other creations for you to travel through food. In the Pizza Bodega, get to know the art of creating pizzas the way we do, from the dough preparation to to watching the pizzas come out of our special oven. That same way, we make our pastas from scratch, so make your you try our daily dishes with all their freshness. Connect with nature’s flavors in our Veg & Veg Bodega, where the vegan and vegetarian dishes rule. Also, get to know the freshness of our Meat Bodega, with the freshest cuts to impress your taste buds. And finally, accompany your favorite dish and let us please you with with our Juice Bar, where besides serving traditional beverages, fresh fruit and veggie juices are created daily. So, the only thing left to know is: When will you visit us to have your unique culinary experience? Join us! 

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